Rev’d Nicola Martyn-Beck

Rev'd Nicola Martyn-BeckNicola is a Lancashire lass who was born in Southport on the North-West coast (1963), her parents who were both from Belfast attended Methodist churches although her father had a Presbyterian background. Nicola became a member of the Methodist Church in 1976. She followed her parents’ footsteps by first becoming a registered nurse for adults (in Oxford) and children (in Hertfordshire) and then a nurse educationalist working at Buckinghamshire New University. In the 1986 she moved from Oxford to North- West London where she nursed patients in the Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit at Mount Vernon Hospital initially in the Operating theatres then the Burns Unit and finally the Children’s ward. In 1998 she started work as a Senior Lecturer in Pre-Registration Nursing before taking responsibility initially for course leadership eventually becoming a Head of Department; a post with management responsibility.

While training in Oxford Nicola responded to a call to become a local preacher in the Methodist Church and began studying while a student nurse. Coming on to ‘full plan’ in 1987 she continued to lead worship and preach regularly while nursing and then teaching at the University. Over the years it became clear that she was being called to full time ordained ministry and the process of discerning for candidating for ministry began at the end of 2011. Nicola enrolled at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham in September 2013 on a two year course of study as initial preparation for ordination. The Methodist Conference appointed Nicola to serve the Milton Keynes Circuit in 2015 for five years as a probationer minister prior to possible ordination in 2017.

As part of her probationer studies Nicola conducted a congregational study based on St James and New Bradwell and is planning to research the challenges and potentials of rural and semi-rural ministry as her second year project.

Nicola enjoys family life, gardening, tapestry, classical music and eating curries. Favourite trips include visits to art exhibitions, the cinema and theatre. A reluctant holiday maker she just about copes with holidays to Cornwall but is fretting after a week!! A keen reader Nicola will try most things including J.K Rowling but particularly enjoys C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake series and Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell trilogy.