Prayer for St James Development Project.

The Congregational Care team has produced a prayer for the project and it seems an appropriate moment to share it with you and ask you perhaps to include it in your frequent prayers so that the whole project should have a spiritual and Christian outreach aspect to it.

We look forward with hope and anticipation as our building project develops.
We pray that God will provide the words for each conversation that will take place amongst us all.
We pray for all those who are helping in so many ways as the plans unfold.
We give You thanks for those leading the project that they have been blessed with the gifts for taking the work forward.
We pray for all those who will be working on our church of St James, (for the architect, the construction workers, the planners, the surveyors); may You be with each of them.
May our vision for today and the future honour those who have paved our way to You.